Start of the 300Lb Fun Mod

. Tuesday, March 11, 2008
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I've been learning the programming language Python for the past few weeks in order to learn how to write Mods or little scripts for EventScripts 2.0. EventScripts 2.0 is a rewrite of the Original ES, which was written in Valves Source engine code, but now is rewritten in Python.

I came to learning and writing code when I was at work in the break room one day and saw someone using an ASUS laptop. I made a geek reference to it. We laughed and talked about games. He asked if I played Counter-Strike:Source. I told him about how the community I play with has a Cs_Office, De_dust2, and a mod server called "Gun Game". He laughed and told be that he is the one leading the gun game project. I, needless to say, was amazed. I started asking him, XE_ManUp, about what it would take for me to write little mods and that brings me where I am today. I have about a month of studying under my belt with a minimal amount of purely original written code.

The mod I'd eventually like to do I'm calling, for the time being, "300Lb Fun Mod". It will be a mod that randomly gives everyone the same weapon, randomly generates gravity, and randomly messes with the sv_friction and other small factors. Its base will be a random Number Generator. If the number generated equals the number set for one of the "Pre-Conditions" or Modes then it activates that mode. Here are the modes I have as of right now.....

Benny Hill mode
SV_gravity 400 "or 200"
Fast run speed
Opposite Friction (high)

Old man mode
Slow run
SV_Gravity 1000 or 2000

Ultra Fast run
SV_Gravity 1000
Opposite Friction

Matrix Mode
Ultra Fast run
AK-47 or Deagle

Zombie Mode
Slow Run
Health at 250

Scout Knives
Sv_Gravity 300

no extra clip

*I like this one*
Ducks in a Barrel
One team gets AWPS
Other Team gets glock
AWP team has 5 health
Glock team has 200 health

I love a Grenade
Unlimited HE_Grenades
no knives

Half of the team gets a gun and a little ammo, the other half gets only ammo.

Single Shot Mode:
Every player gets two weapons with only one shot. The shot is deadly if it hits.

Beacon mode:

Everyone is invisible but has a beacon (same as the mani beacon)

I'll post some chunks of code when I get the opportunity or I find it creative or original enough to post. If you have any ideas for a new "mode" let me know. Untill next time.