Start of the 300Lb Fun Mod

. Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I've been learning the programming language Python for the past few weeks in order to learn how to write Mods or little scripts for EventScripts 2.0. EventScripts 2.0 is a rewrite of the Original ES, which was written in Valves Source engine code, but now is rewritten in Python.

I came to learning and writing code when I was at work in the break room one day and saw someone using an ASUS laptop. I made a geek reference to it. We laughed and talked about games. He asked if I played Counter-Strike:Source. I told him about how the community I play with has a Cs_Office, De_dust2, and a mod server called "Gun Game". He laughed and told be that he is the one leading the gun game project. I, needless to say, was amazed. I started asking him, XE_ManUp, about what it would take for me to write little mods and that brings me where I am today. I have about a month of studying under my belt with a minimal amount of purely original written code.

The mod I'd eventually like to do I'm calling, for the time being, "300Lb Fun Mod". It will be a mod that randomly gives everyone the same weapon, randomly generates gravity, and randomly messes with the sv_friction and other small factors. Its base will be a random Number Generator. If the number generated equals the number set for one of the "Pre-Conditions" or Modes then it activates that mode. Here are the modes I have as of right now.....

Benny Hill mode
SV_gravity 400 "or 200"
Fast run speed
Opposite Friction (high)

Old man mode
Slow run
SV_Gravity 1000 or 2000

Ultra Fast run
SV_Gravity 1000
Opposite Friction

Matrix Mode
Ultra Fast run
AK-47 or Deagle

Zombie Mode
Slow Run
Health at 250

Scout Knives
Sv_Gravity 300

no extra clip

*I like this one*
Ducks in a Barrel
One team gets AWPS
Other Team gets glock
AWP team has 5 health
Glock team has 200 health

I love a Grenade
Unlimited HE_Grenades
no knives

Half of the team gets a gun and a little ammo, the other half gets only ammo.

Single Shot Mode:
Every player gets two weapons with only one shot. The shot is deadly if it hits.

Beacon mode:

Everyone is invisible but has a beacon (same as the mani beacon)

I'll post some chunks of code when I get the opportunity or I find it creative or original enough to post. If you have any ideas for a new "mode" let me know. Untill next time.


First post for a long ride ahead...

. Monday, March 10, 2008

Hello one and all. This is my own personal blog about many different topics. I'll be telling you about my journey along the Programming road as I learn various languages, like Python, HTML, and whatever else school requires from me. I'll be going back to school hopefully this fall for Computer Sciences, but for the time being I'll be learning Python for a project called EventScripts which allows you to create your own modification (or "Mod") for Counter-Strike:Source. I'll be working on one I'm most likely going to call "300Lb Fun Mod" which will change various setting in the game every round, like gravity, Primary weapon, ammo, and other various physics. I'll be using this to help myself learn by attempting to teach others (you) about what I'm doing and learning, but I'll also be using this as a reference area so I can go back and see what I've done.

I also work at an airport for a major airline and I'll be telling and informing the world about what happens and what really goes on. At some point in the future I'll tell you tricks and tips on how to travel and secrets that only those inside the industry really get to know about. I'll never reveal who I work for or where for my own job protection because I really like this job and I don't want to risk it.

While working here I run across a lot of funny people and learn a lot of humorous things, see some amazing videos, and more random stuff. So if there is a picture or a video from anywhere on the net that strikes me as funny, I'll share it with the rest of you!

One of the perks about working for a major airline is that you get to travel for free (I do anyways), so I'll be showing you where I've gone, what I've seen, and the things I've done. I'll also show you secrets of the locals at the destinations and show you how to get good deals.

In future posts I'll be talking about my Fiancée and our upcoming wedding on June 7, 2008 (06/07/08) with the headaches and joys that come along with it. That info will come in due time.
Until next time,